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Sawn Timber


Natural Edge Timbers FNQ offers a select range of sawn furniture grade timbers. Dimensions and specifications are provided below, together with a description and photograph of each species. If you require a species or dimension other than those listed, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Length Up to 4m Specifications Stress (F)      F1 - F17
Width Up to 300mm Hardness (H)  H1 - H6
Thickness Up to 100mm  Durability (D)  D1 - D6


Timbers derived from North Queensland


ACACIA CEDAR                    

Paraserianthes toona


The heartwood is red with some yellow streaks on the surface creating a pinkish red hue. The grain is coarse, large pored with pronounced lines and an occasional curly grain.  Machines and turns well to a smooth surface.

 F7 F8 F11 F14 / H3 / D3




Acacia aulacocarpa  


The heartwood varies from light brown to chestnut often streaked with darker markings. The texture is medium to coarse with a straight grain and lustrous texture. Relatively easy to machine and turns to a smooth finish.

May be used for decorative purposes including kitchens, furniture, shop and office fixtures, joinery and turning.

F7 F8 F11 F14 / H3 / D3



KAURI PINE           

Agathis robusta    


The heartwood varies from golden honey colour to a paler tone. The timber is softwood. The growth rings consist of a light coloured portion and a darker coloured portion.

May be used for furniture, joinery, cabinetwork, indoor fittings and turnery.






PENCIL CEDAR                                                       Palaquium galactoxylum


The heartwood is red-brown. The grain is straight to interlocked with a moderately fine texture. Generally the timber is easy to work with machine and hand tools.

May be used for interior joinery, cabinetwork, panelling and furniture.

F5 F7 F8 F11 / H5 / D4




Flindersia brayleyana


The heartwood is pink to brownish pink in colour with a lustrous sheen. The texture is medium and uniform. The grain pattern is very variable being interlocked, wavy or curly often with fiddle back, water wave or birds-eye features.

The timber machines and turns well to a smooth surface. May be used for furniture, shop and office fittings, joinery, carving, turnery and musical instruments.

F7 F8 F11 F14 / H4 / D4


Timber derived from New Guinea

AMOORA                                                                        Amoora spp


The heartwood ranges from pink-brown to red-brown. The texture is coarse often with an interlocked spiral grain. The timber machines to a smooth surface and may be used for furniture, joinery, panelling, louvres and shutters.

F7 F8 F11 F14 / H5 / D3




Bekak spp


The heartwood is dark brown in colour with an interlocked or irregular grain pattern. The timber texture is even and slightly coarse. May be used for boat decking, planking and heavy duty and parquetry flooring.

It is durable in the weather.



KEMPAS                                                                            Koompassia spp


The heartwood is pinkish in colour when first cut, deepening to a deep orange-brown with exposure. The grain is interlocked, spiral or wavy. The texture is usually coarse and even. May be used for furniture, shop fitting and panelling.

F17 F22 F27 F34 / H2 / D3



KWILA                                                                              Intsia bijuga


The heartwood is yellow to orange- brown when fist cut, turning darker with age to brown or deep red brown. The grain is variable but usually interlocked or wavy with a coarse even texture. May be used for furniture especially outdoor settings.

The timber is also used for cabinet making, turnery, carving, counter and bench tops.

F14 F17 F22 F27



Information courtesy of Department of Primary Industries



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